sur|face1 [ `sɜrfəs ] noun ***
1. ) count the top layer or outside part of something:
a smooth/rough/hard surface
Road surfaces are slick from the icy rain.
Wipe the surface with a damp cloth.
a ) the top layer of water or land:
We saw fish swimming just under the surface of the water.
A farmer was spreading fertilizer over the surface of the soil.
the surface of Mars
2. ) count a flat area of a desk, table, etc. that you use for working on:
Papers and books covered the surface of the desk.
All counter surfaces in the kitchen should be carefully cleaned.
a ) a flat area used for playing sports, or the material used for making this area:
Many tennis players dislike the grass surface at Wimbledon.
a new playing surface that is expected to replace Astroturf
3. ) singular the way someone or something looks or seems while their true feeling or character remains hidden:
Underneath his cool surface was a growing sense of insecurity.
beneath the surface: Hostility lies beneath the surface of calm in the region.
on the surface: On the surface, they looked like a happily married couple.
a ) the aspect of someone's inner feeling that they show in their behavior or appearance:
He could feel his frustration and rage rising to the surface.
4. ) count TECHNICAL one of the sides of an object:
A cube has six surfaces.
sur|face 2 [ `sɜrfəs ] verb
1. ) intransitive to become known or obvious after being hidden:
In the aftermath of the trial, charges of corruption have begun to surface.
New information about the murder is slowly surfacing.
a ) to appear after being lost or hidden:
After being missing for two months, the girl surfaced on the west coast.
2. ) intransitive to rise up to or appear at the surface of water:
The divers were forced to surface after their equipment was damaged.
3. ) transitive to put a surface on a road, especially to make it smoother
sur|face 3 [ `sɜrfəs ] adjective only before noun
1. ) affecting, existing on, or used on a surface:
The boating accident caused only surface damage.
a rough surface texture
the surface temperature of the lake
2. ) a surface quality seems to exist in someone or something, but in fact it hides deeper or truer feelings or conditions:
A surface calm settled over the troubled city.
3. ) traveling on the surface of land or water, rather than through the air:
surface transportation

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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